Stress! It’s a part of everyday life, and it isn’t necessarily bad for you. Sources of stress can be positive: the birth of a child, preparing for a holiday, marriage, or a new job. However, you may feel overwhelmed by the pressures in your life: work pressures and deadlines, financial worries, family responsibilities, your health, or just never having enough time. The stress-related symptoms you may experience include irritability, mood swings, muscle tension, poor concentration, and restlessness, as well as overeating. In the long term, stress can even make you sick. It can lead to conditions such as heart disease, immune suppression, depression, anxiety, headaches, sleep disorders, skin conditions, digestive problems, and overweight. Since stress cannot be avoided, there are things you can do to better cope with it. Good whole-food nutrition, with little or no caffeine, alcohol, and sugar; proper sleep; physical exercise, especially yoga; and relaxation exercises such as deep breathing can all help to bolster your system against the ill effects of stress. In addition, to help reduce stress and stress-related symptoms, you can take Stress Less Relora, a non-sedating blend of herbs designed specifically for natural stress management.


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